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Mr Porter will retire completely from medico-legal work in April 2022. Please see Mr Porter's retirement section for full details.

Mr Porter’s Retirement

Mr Porter will not see new medicolegal clients after 31 March 2021. Up to that date, Mr Porter will continue to see new clients twice monthly at the Apollo Surgery, Great Barr, Birmingham. This is a General Practice surgery with excellent facilities for Covid safe, face-to-face consulting. Mr Porter can help if there is an increase in the number of clients in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic, before March of 2021. 

Mr Porter does not undertake remote consultations, which are inappropriate for medicolegal work in plastic and hand surgery.

Mr Porter no longer consults at the Droitwich Spa Hospital, but continues to use the hospital as a professional postal address. Mr Porter’s work is confined to personal injury and he does not see clinical negligence clients, apart from clients he has helped in the past. Mr Porter no longer conducts prison or home visits. 

After March 31st 2021, Mr Porter will continue to be available to help previous clients, with addendum and updating reports, Part 35 questions, meetings with counsel, discussions between Experts and Court attendance. Mr Porter will retain malpractice insurance for these activities, but will not be insured to take on new clients after 31 March 2021. Arrangements for contact will not be changed. 

Mr Porter will retain his licence to practice as long as he remains available for existing clients. He revalidated on 1 October 2020 and will continue to participate in assessment and appraisal, for as long as existing clients require his support. 

Mr Porter would like to thank the solicitors and agencies who have instructed him during the last 26 years.